Monday, July 09, 2007

A little bird told me that a certain political secretary to a minister who is also a chief UMNO pemuda was invited to speak to a congregation of new UM students recently.The little bird did not tell me whether or not Mr X was there because he was replacing his boss the Minister or whether he himself was the main VIP, but either way, i really feel that this is so out of order and i really feel angry and disappointed with it.

There are 2 universities in Malaysia which I really love and feels very close to my heart with, one is UIA, the other is UM. Sometimes I feel that I would even take the chance of getting a second degree at either one of these unis, i dont know why, but maybe because i have done a lot of events myself at both unis.

Back to the reason why im writing this, i am very angry that a sacred place like the dewan tunku chancellor has been brought down to such low level by the attendance of politicians who arent event MINISTERS to start with, and given the right to lecture to young budding Freshers in UM.

Politicians in this country must learn to respect universities and the pergerakan mahasiswa more, and it is ridiculous in my opinion for the HEP of UM to even allow a political secretary of Minister to deliver the keynote speech in front of first year students in UM.

This joker is ONLY a politician. He is NOT a minister, he is NOT a government officer, his post was appointed by the PM, and for goodness sake, what credentials has HE got to give lectures to undergraduates of UM in the sacred hall of Dewan Tunku Cansellor!

HEP UM could not find anyone better to give a lecture? Well, let me see, DONT WE HAVE SO MANY OTHER UM alumnus who could have been a better VIP to give a proper lesson about the sacredness of UM and THE PRIVELEGE of studying in UM! You ve got so many people like Prof Diraja Ungku Aziz, Prof Khoo Khay Khim or even former KSN's or KSU's who has made it in life! Do you not think they could have been better in giving the first years lessons about life in UM and after it??

OK lah, maybe we cant blame the Mr X for being there, maybe its because the HEP guy who insisted that Mr X attend, but i dont care who is the one to be blamed here, the point is, this is just so wrong, and UM academics, students and alumnus ought to make an issue out of this, because in principle this is so wrong, and we must not allow this to happen again.

You can say whatever you want, but i have nothing again this Mr X, although im a party person, but im not from his state, so i have not political past or future against him.And please dont even start talking about me being in keadilan or pas, or ill be texting to you my UMNO registration number!

This is about the principles of running a university. How can we expect UM to be one of the best in the country when even during such important events like the welcoming of first year students you invite young budding politicians to give lectures? Plus, Malaysians must now come to terms with the fact that if we want the country to change for the better, the young future leaders must be given the space in the universities such as the legendary UM, to nurture without any political influences. This does not mean that they cannot be political, but being a Mahasiwa or a pemimpin Mahasiswa is about students in the universities like UM taking the lead in instigating social agendas without being told what is right or what is wrong by the politicians in this country.

We keep complaining that our Mahasiswa are not employable, but how can they be one when day 1 at uni, they got some joker who is barely 40 telling them what the past PM's of Malaysia had done..Come on lah, Prof Khoo Khay Khim can do better than that, with a lot more jest i am sure, and also to relate it back with the privelege and responsibility that comes with being a UM graduate!

If anyone of you knows who Mr X is, is he even from UM>???? Oh well..