Thursday, July 24, 2008

Traffic jam at 11am

It took me almost 3 hours to travel to work when this happened

Who to blame?

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Lunch with Jim Rogers

Had the pleasure of having lunch with the man himself recently.

A true invesment guru!

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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Pak lah in action

How I spent my saturday night


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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Boy bersanding dalam baju melanau

Kepada bebudak smapk yang gagal datang ke miri dan juga kepada yang terlepas kapal terbang :)

Muhd Firdaus dan Nurul Adha

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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Selamat pengantin baru boy!

Contratulations bro!

Semoga berbahagia ke anak cucu :)

All the way from miri sarawak seh !


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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Letter to transport minister

Menteri Pengangkutan
Kementerian Pengangkutan Malaysia

Dear Mr Transport Minister

As much as I would like to express my worries over the current political situation in this country, I am actually writing to you to complain about the lrt system in kl specifically, and the public transport system in malaysia generally.

Although I now consider myself one of the lucky few who have been spared the agony and frustration of being called a public transport commuter in msia, today I had the privelege of experiencing at first hand, how it must have felt for the thousands ( if not tens of thousands) who rely on the lrt and komuter ktm daily especially, during the peak hours.

Yes I'm writing this now because, today I had to use the stupid lrt.lucky for me, unlike the thousands out there, I am complaining just because I had to use it sometimes.

Just look at the queue sir! (Please see attachment)

Imagine having to go through all this on a daily basis. Imagine further how all this people would find their way through the small double carriage lrt.

What your eye can imagine, your nose can certainly not smell sir.

Try having 7 people packed in ure perdana v6 and u will then have a similar 'live' experience of how the lrt and komuter is.

Then again I'm sure u don't get more than 2 people in the back of the wonderful.

It is almost ludicrous to even consider that we the barisan nasional government is unable to solve this on going problem. I say on going sir simply because the kl people are tired of complaining as their complaints usually falls on deaf ears.or different ears, because I cannot recall how many times have the govt changed the management of the lrt system.maybe this can give u some idea why we lost kl to the pakatan party..

I am no genius but I always wonder how ludicrous it is that the platform of the lrt is way longer than the carriage itself.isn't it only logical that we could just buy new carriages since the platform seems to be able to fit at least another double carriage? I know for a fact that one double carriage costs around 25 million ringgit.

This is no where near expensive.we can spend to buy at least ten of them and people will not cry foul over wastage of public funds. What is 250 million if it is enjoyed by the hundreds of thousands every month?

On the contrary, we spent 4 billion or more (16 times more than the above request) on an empty now unused cargo space in a certain port in a certain city in selangor.and as minister in charge I'm sure u know full well of it as (although I must say ure handling the issue very well).

and why must we pay and use different tickets for the lrt, star, komuter, monorail, bus.. Its ridiculous! Don't tell me we don't have a solution to this? I say, u should just 'wrangle' the companies who owns this PUBLIC PROPERTIES to accept a common denominated card/ticket.
If they don't want to accept, kick them out of their contract and I'm sure any threat would be useful.why shud we care abt them lot when the people is suffering? More often than not, the people who actually owns and run public transport, don't even use public transport because they have their mercedes s class and porshe cayenne to ride on! this is why most of us have to pay more but no better service in can this ppl fix things when they don't even use it at peak times?

Most of the cities in the world uses single ticket system. Why can't we just do the same?

And finally that stupid ticket machine at those lrt and ktm stations.most of them don't accept notes, and most of it are broken or out of service all the time! So not only do you have to queue to board the train, u even have a long queue to buy tickets manually! What kind of nonsense is that? Had we only have one ticket system for a day trip, it will solve the problem in one go!

A governments job is to make its people happy.the people don't just want long nice roads and nice lrt, but at the end, they want to be can the people be happy when after a day s experience of using the public transport, u end up getting to office with an unhappy mood (thus resulting in lower productivity) and u also end up reaching home in an angry feeling (hence the unhappy family dinner session resulting in more family and social problems)

Yes it may seem remote how a stupid ticket machine experience and a packed lrt may affect national gdp and national divorce rate etc, but if u really think abt it, u will realise it is not that so remote after all.

As the great jeremy bentham once said, "the greatest happiness of the greatest quantity is the only right purpose, of a good government"

Due to my limited iQ it took me a while to understand this ,but really the writing is already on the wall for us ( jbr in ucl anyone? )

I can go on and on about this topic but my hands are already tired as I struggle to write this in this packed
Lrt.yes I am writing to you, live from the lrt, courtesy of maxis blackberry service.all minister shud have one of this berry s so that we the people can email them and complain to them in emails all the time.ministers are suppose to be at the disposal of rakyats, not the other way round sir.

Personally I think ure a good minister.hence why I have some hope u can solve this problem.forget abt mas and airasia (for a while).solve the lrt and komuter problem and u will have done great service not just for the rakyat, but certainly for barisan nasional wannabe mp s in wilayah persekutuan.

Sir I hope that u will not take my suggestion and constructive criticism lightly, as the fate of barisan nasional depends on it. Similarly as you, I would want to see barisan nasional winning the next general election, with a higher and thumping majority.

Thank you sir for reading this letter.

Good night, good bye and good luck!
(for your upcoming 'possible' mca election- I think u ll make a brilliant president, probably the first to be able to write and read in jawi)

Yours sincerely
Wan mohd firdaus wan mohd fuaad
25 yrs old lrt rider
Seksyen 3 Shah alam

Ps. If u recall, me and my father once met you during the 1996 general elections, ampang jaya did well sir.(Note my surname)

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