Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Dialog yb yb belia

Dialog bersama yb yb di bawah umur 35
Dewan perniagaan cina kl and selangor (mcpa kls-cah)

"Cabaran wakil rakyat dalam membawa isu belia"

Datuk saifudin abdullah mp bn
Nurul izzah anwar mp keadilan
Janice lee mp dap
Nasir zakaria mp pas

Congratulation to lee khai loon, our comrade in arms for organising the event

I was rather dissapointed to find out that the barisan nasional representative datuk saifudin abdullah had to cancel his attendance at the last minute due to a ministerial meeting (he is the deputy minister for rural development ministry) then again the dude is like 45 yrs old, don't think he can be considered belia! (Unless u r using the umno definition)

Janice and izzah are both 28 yrs old and naser is 32.

I did suggest to lee they shud have invited other bn mp's who are under 35 ( there's only 2 by the way and I'm sure u guys know who s son are they) but i don't know why lee decided not to.

Anyways the forum went quite well

Hope umno can do more of this kind of events as well

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Lembaga hasil dalam negeri

I filed my first tax returns today

What an experience !

And then I found out that instead of me owing money to the govt, it is the govt who owes me money!


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Kambing kambing yang bodoh

Kadang kadang aku tak tahu nak kata apa

Samada si kambing nih bodoh tak reti kira

Atau bodoh tak paham politik malaysia

Kambing kambing nih kata

Ada yb pembangkang sokong calon bn untuk timbalan speaker parlimen.itu kata si kambing, tanda positif.

Kambing bodoh nih tak tahu ker, there are only 81 OFFICIAL opposition mp's. Dan memang tan seng giaw dapat hanya 81 undi.

Si kambing nih bodoh tak reti kira.dia pergi kira si ibrahim ali tuh sebagai dalam jumlah pembangkang. Tapi dia kalau ikut rasminya adalah independent mp dalam parlimen (tiada party) aka macam amphibia kot.

Ikut firasat aku yang bukan seekor kambing nih, rasanya yang tidak undi tan seng giaw, sudah tentulah si ibrahim ali nih.

Dia nih memang ultra malay.sampai mati pun takkan sokong cina atau india. Melaysia untuk melay.

Jadi apa yang positif nya, kambing?

Alah yb yb umno pun semua tahu yang tak undi tuh mesti lah ibrahim ali.

Jadi apa kah point perpecahan pakatan nya?

Itu lah kambing, lain kali jangan ambik all this cheap points.cuba berfikir

Dah kambing tuh kambing lah jugak.

Ker orang lain yang tertipu oleh propaganda nih pun kambing jugak?

Adakah kita telah di kambingkan oleh mereka yang control media?

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Happy birthday mom!

Happy birthday mom!!

After almost 7 years, I finally get to see her on her bday :)

Birthday prize? Trip to bandung for her! Yeah!

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Monday, April 28, 2008

I found this somewhere..

The response of the umno leadership to the erosion of support for the party in the 1969 elections was to increase its capacity to mobilise malay support through various strategies such as the nep.

Later on the resurgence of pas as an islamic party led to the promulgation by the bn of the islamisation policy and the introduction of amendments to the constitution which raised the status of shariah law in the legal system.

For the first time, large sections of the electorate crossed ethnic boundaries to vote for candidate who do not represent their own ethnic group

Many people thanked pak lah that it is because of his openness that umno lost.then does it also apply that we ought to thank mahathir that it is because he put anwar to jail that we now have a different anwar? Well, anwar did say he has repented from his past sins?

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Claim back the royalty!

See I told you only the edge can come up with an editorial with such headline!

By the way, isn't it ironic? Royalty (oil) and Royalty (tuanku sultan)


I love the edge!

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Sunday, April 27, 2008

The edge- business and investment weekly

I have always said to my friends, local and foreign, that if u want to know the real truth about malaysia, printed and distributed, then read the edge.

I am one of those lucky boys who was introduced to this brilliantly edited weekly financial newspaper, at the rather tender age of 16. I really thank my father for this. I never stopped reading it eversince, bar when I was away in england (even then I wuldnt miss it when I get back home for summer hols).

The edge, for some 'reasons', could really call a spade a spade. I mean, what newspaper in this bolehland could do that ( well pre 8th march 08 at least not many could). If u say the sun, well then u shud know that the sun only came after the edge, and the sun is under the same roof with the edge.

I always think that the edge has this subtle political agenda in it, in a good way that is. It subcribes to the notion that a more competitive, meritocratic, open and liberal malaysia, is the best way forward to this young nation ( yes 50 is young ok )

It always comes up with all this amazing scoops! There's so many of them related to the corporate world (such as the disney deal, the umno companies saga, etc) and then there s also the ones that I call a true political scoop.I still remember that a week before dsai was released, someone wrote in the edge that he will be released next week, and it actually came true! I mean what bigger political scoop than that?!

I think in malaysia, as long as u talk about money and the corporate world, u can get away with criticising the govt or politics.
Maybe because at the end of the day, all govts either the bn or pakatan, wud need a strong corporate world behind it.


I am always amaze by the information that they can gather through their connection, and then writing a brilliant article abt it. I always enjoy the articles that criticises govt policies, glc's or just any random non performing companies, and all are done in the name of corporate journalism!

For me, the works of mr kay tat as editor, and writings of anna taing, leela barrock, jose barrock, risen jayasilen,m shanmugam, azam aris, and yes kam raslan (who apparently is now on holiday somewhere), is just phenomenal sometimes! And kam if ure reading this pls come back writing, two weeks reading that dude trying his best to impersonate ure writing, it is just unbearable!

I always recommend to my young corporate friends, please read the edge . I am very sad that only a handful read them regularly, while the majority has never even read them. I mean how are u going to be a good ceo one day if u don't read the edge? Its like the textbook for corporate malaysia! U can never go wrong with it man!

The following is an excerpt of a short editorial written on page 3 of this weeks the edge.I bet u won't find any of these in other newspapers.

The edge april 28 - 2008
Meritocracy over politics

Let's admit it.former gerakan dep second gen datuk lee kah choon's appointment as director of invest penang has certainly got cm lim guan eng into trouble with the dap members, many viewing the move as a betrayal to dap.

But what's wrong with capable people agreeing to serve his state?

In fact, cm lim's courage to appoint the best for the job shud be emulated by others.

The same principle shud apply to glc's.talented people shud not be disqualified from key positions in a glc or govt companies just because they are of certain race or religion, or affiliated to the wrong party.

We don't know how many pas members were sidestepped during promotion exercise in the civil service.

And when dato seri idris jala was appointed to the top post as mas ceo, let's not pretend that there no noises from some within the barisan nasional.

*He is a non muslim, apparently they didn't know this until 2 months or so into his appointment.

What's more imp is that he was appointed because khazanah saw him as the best man for the job. The fact that mas was turned around earlier than expected is proof that his appointment was the right move.

It must be ensured that a person is appointed based on merit and not overlooked because of race religion or political affiliation.

To borrow lim guan eng's word, the time has indeed come for leaders to approach governance based on competence, accountability and transparency.

So stop bickering and start doing what's right for the public.

*go buy ure copy of the edge now! :)

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The star popular readers choice awards 2008

I think we can actually conclude the thinking/ideology of middle class reading malaysians just by looking at the recent The Star-Popular readers choice awards 2008

1. Honk! If you are malaysian by lydia the

2. I am muslim by dina zaman

3. The reluctant politician: tun dr ismail by prof ooi kee beng

4. In good faith by YB datuk zaid ibrahim

5. As I was passing by adibah amin

If barisan nasional embraces and understands the issues brought up in these books, they will certainly have a better idea of what is wrong with themselves.

For umno, maybe they can argue that most malays in the malay heartland probably come under the kosmo/harian metro category, but I would still argue that for umno selangor and wilayah at least, all the above books should be a must read for all future leaders.

I for one, would make it compulsory for umno members in my bahagian to read the memoirs of tun dr ismail, "the reluctant politician".

The book will give you insight about what umno politics should have been about and will remind us, umno members what we have forgotten over the years.
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The star editorial- it takes a big man to apologise

See picture

The star page 27
The star editorial section

It takes a big man to apologize

Hishamuddin s statement of regret would have been more meaningful if there were no elements of ambivalence in it

For the record the minister said he apologised to the non malays because of the fear to a symbol that his actions had created, and to the malays for not being able to uphold their symbol of heritage.

The apology, despite its qualification,is still commendable because humility is generally a vastly under rated virtue amongst our politicians.

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Dr Puad zarkashi batu pahat mp

Mingguan malaysia
Page 5

Batu pahat, johor 26 april 2008

Segerakan pelan pemulihan parti

Umno bahagian batu pahat yang mengadakan mesyuarat agung luar biasa (egm) hari ini sebulat suara menggesa presiden parti datuk seri abdullah ahmad badawi menyegerakan pelan peralihan kuasa kepada timbalan nya datuk seri najib tun razak SEBELUM disember ini.

Antara usul yang diluluskan oleh 360 perwakilan dari 145 cawangan umno membabitkan seramai 22 pembahas itu ialah mendesak pucuk pimpinan parti mengkaji secara terperinci kemarahan rakyat terhadap umno termasuk wujudnya penglibatan keluarga dalam pentadbiran kerajaan

Ketua umno bahagian batu pahat yang juga YB bagi parlimen batu pahat , dr puad zarkashi berkata usul ini akan di berikan kepada yab pm pada pembukaan parlimen isnin ini.

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And support from mukhriz too!

See picture

Mukhriz says 'Hishamuddin berjiwa besar'

"Semangat perjuangan yang lahir dari hati kita kadang kala tidak perlu di zahirkan secara tersurat ( menghunus keris ) sebaliknya boleh di laksanakan melalui semangat dalam diri "

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Well done najib

See attached picture

Datuk seri najib tun razak berkata tindakan dato seri hishamuddin meminta maaf di atas insiden keris tidak menjatuhkan maruah orang melayu.

Sambil memuji langkah yang di ambil oleh hishamuddin, timbalan presiden umno itu menegaskan maruah orang melayu akan benar benar jatuh sekiranya kaum itu tercicir dalam bidang ekonomi politik dan sosial.

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If u think they will fail, think again

" Although there is talk that planned mega projects under the ncer such as the second penang bridge, light monorail system, penang outer ring road and rapid penang bus service might be halted, local and international investors do not seem to shy away from penang.in fact, it is the other way round! The new penang govt is attracting them to invest due to a cleaner and more transparent environment promoted by the new government. The new government policies promotes equal opportunity, be in education,politics or business. These are deemed as clean and transparent policies especially wth regards to land issues"

Michael geh,
Raine and horne international zaki and partners

Many umno people hopes for pakatan to fail. I think this is only wishful thinking.

We better buckle up and move our game to the next level or we will be left out in the race for 2013.

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Undilah barisan nasional

Time and time again I have to re assure and re affirm and regurtitate that I am a BN supporter, for real.

I find it ludicrious that some of the people on my own side question my 'umno' ness or 'bn' ness.

Sorry guys, I am here to stay

So better learn to put up with my criticism towards the party

Well I honestly believe it is for our own good. Either we change, or we re shelved to history books.

In the words of the new kedah menteri besar, "kita akan jadikan johor muzium umno, supaya lepaskan kalau org malaysia nak jumpa org umno, boleh lah ke johor".

If u guys think this is a joke, think again.at least I know many people in johor taking the crisis more seriously than those in the other malay heartlands.

Oh by the way, before u get any ideas,that's not a pkr logo, its ukec logo :)

If u insist, I ll have the picture taken and uploaded too !

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Saturday, April 26, 2008

And we thought the postal votes were fair?

From the star newspaper thursday 13 march 2008

"My wife and I received our postal ballot papers and were dumbfounded to know that our personal particulars were needed to fill in a pink form. On top of that there must be the signature of a witness who is closely associated.to make matter worse, we to include these particulars in an envelope together with the ballot paper.there is no secrecy at all mind you and these postal votes involved not a few thousand but hundreds of thousand of them.I don't mind if the ballot paper consists of a serial number because that will be the most sensisble way to monitor the distribution of the ballot papers. The ec and the government shud guarantee that our votes are only known to us to make the election process more transparent, fair and clean".

Jayaraj kgs

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Friday, April 25, 2008

islam in malaysia

I was lucky that today I am able to visit masjid wilayah for maghrib

I think this picture says it all about islam in malaysia

The masjid, in its majesty, is only filled with 10 makmums and 1 imam when I attended it.

It succintly describes islam in malaysia

Majestic in form but hollow in substance!

Malaysian muslims are usually proud of the biggest masjid in south east asia or the best islamic university in the world and the most modern islamic museum of the century..

And so on and so forth..

But when u hold ureself back and look around, when u visit the masjids for isya' or maghrib for jamaah, there are barely a handful of malaysian muslims in attendance for prayers..

And I think this is true in the majority of the case

Not to mention most of the attendees are pensioners or retirees

What are we the malaysian islamist doing to undo all this?

Is it more important to campaign against shell and all this dutch products for a film that most of us has not even watched, or isn't it more fikh al awlawiyat that we start questioning why islam in malaysia is all but form and much hollowness?

Before u start blaming the govt or any political party, let's be honest to ourselves and admit that this is happening across party in malaysia

Its just the way we malaysian muslims are

Sometimes its like our ego. So big and huge, yet so hollow in our understanding of islam

No wonder I see some who claim that they are islamist and yet full of racism and hate towards those of different color in practice

So where to islam in malaysia?

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Who is crazy?

No matter what yb bung mokhtar has to say, I am sure if the malaysians have to choose btw him and anwar, I'm sure they know better who is crazy and who isn't :)

Come on lah umno!

Step up a gear man we have no more time to lose!

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Now we are making some sense

Finally, the minister has spoken with some realistic sense!

Umno must be truly grateful to have a no nonsense minister such as dato shahrir

I did mention to him abt the nonsense utusan wrote on its frontpage yesterday on the inflation thing (as per below)

Hope there are more umno people like him ...

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Another stupid propaganda?

What are we trying to achieve from this?

Who are we trying to convince?

Are we assuming that the rakyat is stupid?

Everyone knows and is complaining that every single thing has gone up in price, and we say the opposite thing?

Please lah UMNO, dont try so hard to kill yourself!!

Paling busuk pun, you stupid communication dudes working for the party should have come out with something along the lines of other countries are also having the same inflation problem such as the article below. Pakai lah the brain tuh sket! You could have just admitted that yes inflation is HIGH, but negara lain pun sama jugak.Its a global thing what. Ini tidak, lagi nak menipu rakyat. Inflasi rendah lah, harga barang OK lah, bodoh ker apa!

Why oh why are you guys so bloody incompetent!!

Please, can someone save my beloved party!

Inflation Hits New Highs In Asia / New Straits Times-Reuters, 24 April 2008

Inflation hit a 26-year peak in Singapore and a 13-month high in Malaysia as governments across Asia grapple with the problem of containing surging food and energy costs without choking off economic growth.

Australian inflation accelerated to its fastest pace in 17 years, Indonesia and Vietnam raised their inflation forecasts, and the Philippine central bank said it would look at raising rates if commodity price rises began feeding into wages and other costs.

Authorities across the region, where economies are powered by exports, are reluctant to raise rates in the teeth of a financial crisis that has taken the US to the brink of recession, if it isn't in recession already.

Utusan yang bodoh

I am so annoyed that utusan comes up with another stupid propaganda.

Who are they trying to convince?

Are we that stupid?

Or is umno/utusan that stupid?

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Monday, April 21, 2008

Yb razali in spotlight

Have u guys read this? This is brilliant!! And yb razali has been promoted as pac chairman! Youngest ever I think..

Monday, April 21, 2008

Johor Umno Youth: Non-Malay membership proposed

Source: The StarJOHOR BAHRU:

Among the feedback gathered by the state Umno Youth from its grassroots was one that suggested revisiting the idea that the party should be open to non-Malay membership.The division has been collecting suggestions from the grassroots that members hope the leadership will look into before the party branch elections begin in July.Johor Umno Youth chief Razali Ibrahim said that there were 149 suggestions over how the party could move forward after the heavy losses in the March 8 general election."Everything you can imagine, from the most rational to the most extreme, was discussed," he told reporters after an eight-hour meeting here on Sunday.Razali said that the suggestions included revisiting the vision of Datuk Onn Jaafar who had called for Umno party membership to be open to all Malayans (then) and for the party to be renamed the United Malayans National Organisation."In his time, his vision could not be accepted, but maybe the suggestion can be received in this new political landscape," said Razali.He however was quick to point out that the suggestions mooted were not the stand taken by Johor Umno Youth, but that of the grassroots.He also said that the grassroots perceived that the rakyat (citizenry) was disillusioned with what was reported in the mainstream media and turned to alternative sources like bloggers for news."They said that the mainstream media is the only channel through which the Government can get its messages across to the people, but asked what could be done if the people don't read newspapers or watch mainstream television stations," he said.Razali said that the grassroots were now waiting and watching closely the direction the top party leadership would take in response to their suggestions and views.He said that the 149 suggestions from the meeting would be forwarded to Umno Youth Chief Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein Onn and Johor Mentri Besar Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman within a week.
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Friday, April 18, 2008

IRDA signing Cempaka School

Signing Ceremony Between IRDA and Cempaka School. We are going to have Cempaka Iskandar! Yeah!

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

A more sensitive umno?

The problem with the assumption that a more 'sensitive' umno would win back non malay votes is just not enough and to use the word 'sensitive' for many young non malays now who identify themselves as malaysians is at best, patronising.. The non malays that we have today not only demands sensitive respect, but also equality. There s no two ways about it, no matter how we want to spin it. We have to realise the bar of what is fair and not fair for non malays is now higher. The non malays are demanding better political voice, religious voice and a better say in how their taxes are spent. They also want to see more non malays in police, in army, in government service, and yes, in cabinet too.

why not? Have they not been contributing their life to this supposedly malay land too?

For me, this is rightly so.and this is only the natural effect of a succesful multicultural malaysia.

Umno has to wake up to this reality.malays too must wake up to this reality.

Umno has only 2 choices. Either we amend ourselves to accomodate as little or as much of this, or we just plough through the consensus that malays will always become rulers because of our sheer breeding capabilities ie there are always more malays than non malays in numbers.

if we choose the later, we shall have a divided country. We won't probably have a civil strife (because no one wants to shed blood in this ipod world) , but we probably see more non malays leaving the country ( as many already do and doing so now).

As I posted earlier, for the non malays, better brain drain than brain in the drain.

Yes it is true that maybe tan sri khalid speaks of milder terms towards non malays, but then again, have we already forgotten that was why they won it?

We WILL NOT win back selangor and wilayah persekutuan if we don't get our acts right.and what is right is to be in touch with what selangor and wilayah people wants both malays and non malays.

The non malays in both selangor and wilayah are fed up with our umno tactics. We bully their mca/mic reps all the time, or maybe if we didn't do that, that's how they see it.for example, In shah alam we put their churches in the industrial areas. Now the new pas shah alam mp is trying to relocate that. And we say umno is sensitive? Now that pakatan rakyat has risen the bar, we umno must pledge to do even better.

Better than just sensitive malays, umno must learn when to be malay, and when to be a malaysian. If u ask me, umno must be malaysian first, then malay.

And tan sri khalid, anwar, and the pas mp for shah alam, shahril samad, knows this. They know that as long as they lend their ears to the non malays, they will continue to be re elected.

Yes, it also helps that most urban malays ( like most of you who are reading this) are malaysian first before malay too, and that we have chinese and indian friends as many as our malay ones, and feel that it is ok to vote chinese/indian as long as he serves well.

Well u can argue that these malays voted against umno because they see umno as being corrupted and meluat dah, but I bet in urban areas like selangor and wilayah, these are minorities. Most of these new malays as old people in umno like to call them, are malays who believe in a more malaysian malaysia (whatever that is). I think it is only natural that the more educated u are, the less rascist u tend to be or should be. And racism has no place in the future of malaysia.

Then where to umno? Or how do we umno reinvent ourselves to win back selangor and wilayah?

I think the answer to this, at its simplest are:

1. Umno must be a less corrupted, not money/contract driven,and not be seen as old people led party. Full stop.u don't change this, we go nowhere. Don't even bother to win back selangor ke apa ker, we probably extinct first. I am sure u can see why we shudlnt be corrupted or money driven, but old people party?umno has to realise that Half of the new voters in msia are below 35. But I ask u how many umno candidates are below 35? When my friend lee asked me this question earlier, I can only think of kj! Then again, we all know why he got nominated.

2.Umno must do less of racial mongering.why is this so difficult? Must we really put up " ketuanan melayu telah tergugagt" in berita harian front page last sunday?? What do we get out of all this? Well I can certainly say that we get less people buying umno owned berita harian, that's what u get!

Kalau betul kita umno nak tolong melayu, tolong jer lah.tak payah nak kecoh kecoh. More importantly, kenapa kita perlu kacau periuk nasi orang cina atau india?

I also believe that we umno can do more for malays. Why don't we talk abt reminding malays that we need to be more competitive, that islam as our religion doesn't promote racism, and more to this, to remind them that we as malay race will go nowhere if we continue to believe this delusion that we are ok. We malays are not ok! will we one day be cracked when globalisation hits us? Takkan lah kita orang melayu nak hidup bawah tempurung selamanya? If we umno are forever giving the malays the handicap, are we actually helping the malays or are we killing the malays in the long run.

These are questions young umno members with aspiration shud be asking. Must be brave too to bring this fwd. For the sake of the malays. Kata nak tolong melayu kan?

Maybe tan sri khalid don't have to think abt all this in his sleep because keadilan rakyat bukan parti untuk orang melayu sahaja.

But umno kena lah fikir. And at the same time, kalau nak menang selangor and wilayah balik, umno must change.

No change no gain.

I ll bet my last penny on it.

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Brain in the drain

I culdnt resist

Have u guys heard of this from ure chinese friends??

Better brain drain, rather than brain in the drain..

I don't know whether I should burst out in laughter or just be afraid..

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Can someone please help this lady ?? :(

i said the same thing to my friends before, kenapa UMNO bising bising sangat pasal Suffiah nih? yes betul she is half Malaysian through her malaysian mother, but lets be real, there are so many more girls like her in KL, not to mention struggling single mothers.

please read the letter from the lady from ipoh as per below. it really makes me sad to know while many of us are enjoying life as if it has no ends, there are people like her who needs real help ..

i also dont know what i can do to help her ... hmm ...


Thursday, April 10, 2008


My friends they all ask me eh Firdaus if u are umno person how come u attack umno? well i said to them isnt it obvious, that if u love the party, u must be the first person to go up there and tell the leadership what is wrong with the party? isnt it also obvious that those in denial are also ass kissers who are just there for the money? oh well.

so i think this time im going to 'attack' the natural opponents of UMNO.

my friends also ask me what do i think of the possibility of DSAI becoming PM and forming a new government. well, i think the obvious answer to this is that in the current political spectrum, of course lah everything is possible.

but not many people realise that DSAI has bigger problem than just forming the next government.

I think yes, he can form government. BUT the real question is, does he want to?


think about it, if Anwar becomes Prime Minister, who will be the Deputy Prime Minister?

Assume it is Hadi Awang. Hadi?? you must be kidding me, the old man cant even speak english properly, he is viewed as almost like a taliban like figure by most DAP and Chinese/Indian people in this country, and he becomes DPM by virtue as him the president of Pas?

OK lah, we say lah DAP says ok this.

But who will be the Finance Minister?

Lim Kit Siang? you think the Malays in PAS and Keadilan will not jump against this? these malays in PAS and Keadilan are as racist as the ones in UMNO, and they will go up in arms against a chinese finance minister.

OK lah, we assume lah Anwar manage to control PAS and DAP from fighting..

But who will be the other senior ministers? Defence Minister, Internal Securities Minister?

if Anwar picks Malay ministers from Keadilan or PAS, i am sure DAP will not be happy, because they are the second largest party in Parliament. Malays in PAS and PKR will not be happy too if DAP fills in the traditional malay ministries.

Anwar cannot have a malay cabinet because he has to maintain the multicultural form. the question is, will the hardcore malays who supports pakatan rakyat ready for this mind shift? i doubt it.

Not to mention, the assumption of him becoming govt is that Sabah and Sarawak MP's cross. Well this is just an assumption. but if this happens, surely he must also concede to have them in his cabinet.

at the end of the day, i am sure he has to make do with a more multicultural cabinet.

well personally, this is the malaysia i want to see in the future. but practically now, i dont think malays have had this mindshift. malays as the majority in this country we are stil the america that we see 100 years ago.divided on racial grounds. worse than america, we all dont even share the same religion. at least obama and clinton are both christians (albeit of diff spectrums).

i know Anwar realises that he cannot have a multicultural cabinet. not only will the malay revolt, i dont think this will go down to well with the royalty to start with (bastion of malay rights), the generals (99percent malays) civil service (90 percent malays) and not to mention the ulamak's (although islam dont promote racism)

in the end, malays ( in UMNO and PAS especially) are still the same old malays who believes in malay supremacy as per before election. those of you who thinks we are suddenly more multicultural are so out of touch with the ground.dont believe me, well let see what happens on the ground when DSAI forms a multicultural cabinet.

I think Anwar knows that he has all the time in the world now. He is just waiting for UMNO to do its in fighting, while he tries to solve his cabinet selection problem.

Anwar also i think realises that if he doesnt get it right the first time, people may forever not believe in Pakatan Rakyat after this. It might even cease to exist.

They all only believe in defeating UMNO and BN. My question to them is, when UMNO and BN is defeated, then what?

Shouldnt he be pacifying the malay supremacist view in the malay heartlands esp in the Pas territories? Shouldnt he be pacifying the right wing chinese views too? can he do this? this is the hard hitting question that UMNO should be asking anwar.

to be fair, i also believe in malaysia malaysia. but in this political game, i dont think umno is attacking the opposition enough. well, we are too busy ourselves i guess.

In my opinion, there are fundamental idealism problems between PKR, Pas and DAP.

It is a tripartite relationship, of which non agrees with each other, but united on the front of defeating Barisan Nasional as a government.thats all.

Let us start with the fundamentals

PKR is a party which wants to believe in the idea of Malaysia for Malaysia, united cross cultural party. This is a good thing really. But What they believe, may not be represented in what they do or say. Keadilan leadership are mostly ex umno people who supported anwar, middle class Malays who doesn’t support PAS supposedly extreme views ( or more like kampong image) , a fraction of ABIM or islamist educated from OVERSEAS. Many young professionals who are overseas or modern educated ( local private college) would also usually support Keadilan because of their vision of Malaysia Malaysia (and disgust of BN’s corruption).Many don’t see that all political parties are also corrupted in one way or another. The Chinese who supports Keadilan are usually the banana’s (English speaking/modern educated), and now it seems that Indians (across board) are supporting keadilan because they don’t have other options (mic and ppp deemed useless) and DAP are deemed to be too Chinese for obvious reasons. Notice that at the end, its still about racial politics.

DAP is a party which has good ideals too. Like PKR, it wants to believe in democratic ideals that Malaysia shouldn’t be divided along political lines. But DAP’s problem is that it is ‘seen’ to be as an alternative of MCA. Why? Because the leaders and membership are like 90 percent Chinese, and even at the crunch of issue, they will put Chinese issues above democratic issues. This I think is because as a political party, what matters for them are the votes they get. Many Malays view DAP in really really bad terms, as they feel that DAP represents the more extreme Chinese who would strongly fight for Chinese issues. This is ironic because it is the MCA who traditionally have this role. But now since many (both Malays/Chinese) see MCA being pacified by UMNO, the role of fighting for Chinese extreme right are seen to be taken by DAP.

PAS is a party which supposedly has Islamic views as its heart. They actually started from the Islamic wing of UMNO. Many people forget this. So technically, they are still right wing Malays who only just so happen to believe also in islamic values. So its like UMNO plus Islam a bit. PAS although traditionally supported by Kelantanese and Terengganu and Kedah people ( for the states are considered to be the bastion of traditional islamic schools ). But the most important aspect of PAS which one has to consider seriously is the fact that unlike PKR, PAS is an all malay party which has a strong rasicist group of Malays who view malay supremacy strongly.

PKR’s problem vis a vis DAP and PAS

PKR in general do not have much problems with DAP. The only problem which I could think of is that DAP is not happy that many middle class angry Chinese are now thinking of joining PKR more than they want to join DAP. This is because many urban highly educated Chinese view PKR as a real Malaysia for Malaysia party. Well many don’t realize that Anwar Ibrahim still has to wear that Malay cap when he needs to, as much as Lim Kit Siang has to wear the racist Chinese cap to win votes.

Membership is also a problem PKR vis a vis PAS. Many young urban highly educated Malays prefer to join PKR than PAS because they view PKR as being less malay racist , more modern, and they are very proud to be associated to the charismatic anwar Ibrahim. So PAS are now losing a lot of potential young people to PKR. Previously, Malays who came back from UK USA Australia who are inherently and rightly so , not happy with UMNO and the government, only have PAS to join. Now most of them like to join PKR because anwar is cool. Very little would join PAS because pas is hadi awang and he is not cool. unless of course they are hizbi people et al.

Even in PAS, leaders like Hadi Awang, Nik Aziz, and the old school ulamak doesn’t like the PKR and its leaders. Only out of mere convenience and power they are together. In the last election, in Kelantan PAS only gave Keadilan 2 parliament seats, and both are seats PAS don’t like. PKR was obviously not happy with it. But in PAS, reformers like nasharudin and husam are seen to be OK lah with PKR. In return, they are distrusted by the elders in PAS.

DAP’s problem vis a vis PKR and PAS

DAP is founded on the right views, but led by the wrong group of people. Well some of the new ones are ok, but when they are back on track on the ideological reformist democratic ideals, then what difference do they have with PKR. This I think is the conundrum that DAP is facing now. If they are seen to be less Chinese and more Malaysia Malaysia, they are no different to PKR. And Kit Siang and the leaders know that the only reason Chinese kampong support DAP is because DAP are the only jokers who stands up for Chinese rights, in the now more divided Malay- Non Malay demography of Malaysia.it is not in their interest that PKR goes stronger, as then more of the middle ground Chinese will join PKR instead of DAP. DAP’s leaders also have problems with the more nationalist Malays in PKR. In places like Selangor and perak, the malay pkr people are very nationalist Malays, only joining PKR not for its Malaysian Malaysia view, but because they all hate umno’s arrogance and the fact that they all just love anwar.

PAS problem vis a vis PKR and DAP

PAS I think will be the central of all the problem which Anwar will have in Pakatan Rakyat.

As a start if Anwar do bring in the 36 MP’s from Sabah and Sarawak, the government anwar is forming will not be a malay government but a rather mixed government. I do not think PAS will be too happy with this because at the end of the day, PAS depends on its supporters who view Malay rights as fundamental.

If we notice, PAS and PKR do not like to openly talk about malay issues. I think since anwar came into the picture, this is one of the thing that he told them to stop talking about. The other was obviously to tell pas to shut up on the islamic state thing.at the end winning against BN is priority. But PKR and PAS do realize that one point they have to talk about it again, at least behind closed doors. But again, when they are government, it will be less significant.

PAS biggest problem is DAP, for obvious reasons. PAS and DAP are of two extreme end of the right wing racial spectrum. PAS supports malay supremacy while DAP is used by Chinese not happy with malay supremacy rule. They will never reconcile on the political ideological grounds, bar the fact that they both want to be in power.

It is on this front, PAS would not agree with a DPM no2 from DAP, nor would PAS agree for a DAP finance Minister or a DAP defence minister.

In return, many in DAP find it ridiculous a joker like Ustaz Hadi who cant speak proper English and have extreme religious view can be DPM in anwar’s govt. and they may also not be happy to have these lots as the Minister of Finance or Defence Minister. Maybe they will joke it as a Taliban government.


I think what is more significant out of all this is the fact that we now realize, politically this country is more divided in an open way, more than we have ever seen it before.This is bad. I think we must all now concentrate to talk about a more non racial united malay. this should be the role of both BN and Pakatan Rakyat.

I believe that we must support the idea that Malaysia for all Malaysians is important, but the Malaysian people, despite the outcome of the elections, in my opinion still doesn’t believe in Malaysia for Malaysia.

In the Malay heartlands, and the city, Malays, who are in UMNO, PAS, and some in PKR, still strongly believe that this country must and may only remain to be ‘owned and ruled’ by Malays. Whatever that means. Its just that in PKR and Pas they talk about it less now because winning against BN is just too tempting. For obvious reasons too.

Chinese, who are in DAP are using DAP’s democratic views to demand more right for the Chinese. Not that many even understand what social democracy and all that nonsense actually means. Many actually believe that Chinese should have the right to be PM and al that. I don’t see this as a problem, but I don’t think Malays are ready for this leap of faith. We malays should realise that they are many unhappy chinese and indians out there, and we malays must play the role to reach out to the chinese and indian community. this country, we are all living as one.

The Indians are in worst state politically. MIC is a joke, PPP in shambles, so they all support PKR, who incidently also don’t have many senior Indian leaders. basicaly they just want somebody who can support their rights.still, this is racial politics.

At the end of the day, this country is still divided on racial ground. Malays voted against UMNO because they are meluat of UMNO, Chinese and Indians just voted for any joker who they view as people fighting for their rights. I am sure if MCA leave BN and is seen to be fighting for Chinese rights again( and no more a donkey of UMNO in BN) then more Chinese will be supporting MCA.

Yes, urban educated people did vote against corruption and all that. but urban people are so little, we sometimes talk as if we are 90 percent, we all blog, but we dont realise we are only 10 percent of malaysia.

Also to all opposition people out there, think about it, if one day UMNO and BN also turns into a good non corrupt party, do u think Malays will still believe in a Malaysian Malaysia and reject umno? I don’t think so.

This further re affirm my idea that as long as the people in this country think of their racial ego and rights first, we can never have a two party system. This is because on both sides, the parties have a lot of racist elements in it. So how to have two party when both sides also support racial sentiments?

At the moment PKR, DAP and Pas have a corrupted umno to blame for. But in 50 years time, umno may change or may not even exist. Does that mean that Malays suddenly become less rascist and ready to accept a barrack obama style lim guan eng as PM?

as much as i hope this can happen, i doubt it.