Friday, February 19, 2010

Markus Ng Chung Yau

Markus was a great guy, who has inspired many lives, mine included.

He believed in the idea of a 1Malaysia, even before the term was coined.

He always reminded me that there is always hope for a truly united malaysia.

There were many times I would tell him that I have given up on Malaysia, and every time he would tell me that there is always hope out there as long as there are individuals like us who persevered in our efforts for a better Malaysia.

Once he wrote in a postcard to me from Portugal, reminding me that change is happening in Malaysia, slowly but surely. That was the last thing I got from him.

Everytime I feel jaded by what is happening in Malaysia, I will always remember my friend Markus.

He will always be remembered as the beacon of hope, for a truly united Malaysia.

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