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Corruption in UMNO

The case in the picture involves a particular Mohd Nor Awang, former seremban umno division vice chief (naib ketua bahagian). He was caught on tape by another UMNO branch chief (ketua cawangan) taman zaiton indah area, Rezwat Shahril who cleverly trapped Mohd Nor by having a tape recorder in his pocket while the whole event unfolds.

According to Ms Noorfazlin hamdan the DPP in the first case, at a parking lot behind restoran negeri taman catleya in senawang at 12.20pm 1st august 2008, mohd nor offered and gave rezwat RM200 and a 'chai list'

A 'chai list' is a list of preferable candidates in an lection/contest aligned to a particular this case, the chai list refers to the list of candidates aligned to Mohd Nor.

On the 2nd of Aug 2008, at 430pm in seremban center point, Mohd Nor met with rezwat again and handed him RM500.

Mohd Nor now claims trial at the high court of malaya.

This is not the first of many such cases in UMNO, nor would it be the last of it as well.

Corruption such as these in UMNO are unfortunately rampant, to say the least. It is one those cancerous practices in UMNO, across board at grassroot level, all the way to the top.

Of course there are exceptions. Well, it is also unfortunate that nowadays UMNO politicians who are considered absolutely free of such practices at any level are considered, exceptions.

What is more startling is the way corruption is practiced in UMNO.

Such as in above, many of these cases are carried in broad daylight, and even worse, in public designated areas.

These shows how most of them aren't ashame of comitting such dispicable acts, and how much these criminal habits has become a norm in the party.

On top of that, looking at the amount of money involved, one cannot be blamed to be puzzled by how 'cheap' the grassroot 'support' in UMNO can come by, or supposedly so.

For a mere RM700 per branch/cawangan, once can assume to have 'gained' support from that particular branch.

There are usually 150 branch in every division. But you only need a mere 80 of those branch to support u to win simple majority in a local division contest.

A simple calculation would show us that probably by a mere RM 60, 000 one can possibly win a seat in an UMNO divisional election.

I say merely RM 60, 000 because for many rich ambitious umno malays out there, that is such a meagre amount, relative not only to the wealth that are increasingly moving upwards in the malay community, but meagre as well to the 'return on investment (ROI) . Many UMNO people nowadays realise that the ROI will come in the forms of federal projects which are usually awarded through umno divisional leaders. Hence, it comes as no surprise that nowadays it can be easily assumed that more than 70 percent of the top UMNO divisional leaders across the country are either contractors themselves, or they would own shares in a particular contractor company, one way or another.

Of course there is nothing wrong in being a contractor. But what many UMNO people do not find shameful these days are the act of 'buying' their way to UMNO power, in order to position themselves better for more return on their earlier investments.

Orang UMNO ramai yang tidak mahu bercakap tentang rasuah di dalam UMNO kepada orang di luar UMNO, terutamanya kepada kaum bukan melayu. Malah, ramai juga yang tidak gembira jika ada ahli UMNO sendiri yang bercakap tentang rasuah di dalam UMNO, terutama kepada kaum bukan melayu. Tetapi mereka tidak malu untuk memberi dan menerima rasuah. Bagi ahli UMNO yang terlibat di dalam rasuah, ini sudah menjadi sebahagian daripada lumrah permainan politik. Ada juga yang beranggapan adalah naif untuk menghapuskan politik rasuah kerana ramai lagi yang mahu cari jalan mudah untuk menjadi berkuasa, dan ramai lagi yang sanggup untuk menerima rasuah, demi untuk sesuap nasi.

UMNO is by no means the only party afflicted with corruption practices. But it is without doubt the worse of the whole lot, inside and outside BN.

UMNO members knows about how rampant corruption is in the party. It is also without doubt, that money politics (the so called politically correct term for bribery that UMNO likes to hide themselves behind) were rampant during the UMNO general assembly.

It is also true that at both national and divisional level, there is a subscribed view that every individual will only have a limited amount of time to make as much money as possible from their place in UMNO.

As my friends in UMNO usually says, kalau tak jatuh dalam poket kita, jatuh dalam poket orang lain. (If it doesn't go into my pocket, it will go to others)

I find it rare to find people who seriously believe that a corrupt UMNO is bound for a downfall, especially in the coming national elections.

But for those who have already pocketed enough for a nice apartment at KLCC and a new BMW 5 series, what is there to lose anyways?

-Wmf is an umno party member who believes that the only way to totally eradicate corruption in umno is by umno losing power in the next election. He believes that a new generation of umno members will be able to reshape a new and stronger umno in opposition. He is confident that a prolonged Pakatan government will inherit the same corrupt people who are now rampaging UMNO paving a return of UMNO possibly after 15 years of opposition. Power as they say, corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely-

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smamat said...

LOL Firdaus LOL

Antara sebab utama timbulnya banyak rasuah adalah kemunculan ramai orang yang tidak berketrampilan (competent) dan berbakat (talented/intelligent) dalam masyarakat kita.

Puncanya: sistem pendidikan kebangsaan yang robek.

Anonymous said...

Look at the scenario in the event of UMNO lose power, there are more inherent problems lying ahead.

1. What happen if, the "new" government use their power to outlaw UMNO and all other race-based parties? This will be the end of UMNO, at least as a political entity.

2. If no. 1 does not occur, there is a real possibility UMNO will be breaking up into many-many factions, at the moment, I can speculate, at least three different factions, namely the Liberal faction (like yourself), the Ultra-Nationalist faction (like Ibrahim Ali for example) and the Hadharis (like Pak Lah). At the moment, what binds this ethnonationalist together, is power.. lose of power, will mean lose of cohesion. Lose of cohesion, means lose of sustainability, which leads to break up.

3. One of the main problem in UMNO, which has been highlighted by Kickdefella, is the change of alignment in UMNO itself, previously, the main group of UMNO consist of the working class, namely the teacher, nurses, scholars etc but since TDM era, with the alignment have changed towards businessman-lawyer faction. The working class has been set aside and literally thrown away. Will UMNO return back to its root? Time will tell, but the sign show, at the moment, it is unlikely.

Do you think these businessmen will stick around and help UMNO revival? Unlikely.

4. There is a possibiliy UMNO will become a "Pariah" party... just like a tramp, asking for a mere pittance but ignored for most of the time.

As a conclusion, if UMNO is not willing to change and respond to the challenges of changing times, then UMNO are doomed to be obsolete. Most of right wing parties have moved to centre, or at least centre-right, the one didn't have became flank parties.

Iron Butterfly said...

well said, anonymous.

Fir, i always like the substance of your writing despite having rojak-ed the bahasa worse than i always do :p